Here Are Tips To Deal With This Year's Holiday Blues

More than a million people in the U.S. are facing their first holiday season without a loved one who has died from Covid.

The moment is impacting mental health one way or another, so here are some tips to help you manage your mental health and celebrate the season during this difficult time.

Ask for help, and if you’re having a difficult time finding an available therapist in your area, broaden your search to include that which you normally wouldn’t consider and add yourself to a wait list if you find someone you want to schedule an appointment with, who is booked up for the time being.

Make time for self care, as taking care of yourself is just as important as ever. Reach out to your support system get enough sleep, eating nutritious food and exercising regularly. Schedule your social life, because connecting with people is crucially important, as long as it’s positive

Embrace new traditions, as much-anticipated family events are canceled, process those feelings, and find new ways to make your holidays special.

Photos by Getty Images

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