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Orlando Farmer Brings Healthy Knowledge To Food Deserts

Raymond “Ray” Warthen, creating Infinite Zion Farms near downtown Orlando and made it his mission is to make healthy eating accessible.

Warthen grew up around the area and uses music to connect to the youth in the community.

On ‘Thugged out Thursday,’ he plays hip-hop and the energy goes up to actrct the youth.

His garden sits on a one-acre lot, where Warthen grows collard greens, lettuce, papayas, bananas and more.

“I lost my father at age 59 to prostate cancer. When I come out here it’s spiritual for me because every element that’s out here ties back to my father.” Warthen says.

He keeps them in his garden as a reminder of his dad's lessons, sharing knowledge about the value of growing your own food.

Warthen also has what he calls a miracle tree in his garden for the the highest antioxidant tea you can make called the moringa.

Warthen has two farms, located in predominantly Black neighborhoods.

“A lot of those organizations that hand out food hand out food that hurt the community — not help them. We are one of the first organizations to bring in that real produce that’s helping the community,” Warthen added.

Photos by Getty Images

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