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DOJ Investigating Police Practice In Louisville & Minneapolis

The DOJ is investigating the Louisville Police Department.

The investigation will look if officers used excessive force or engaged in discriminatory actions, and evaluate the training the officers receive and how they are supervised by superior officers.

Under President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been using the Justice Department to probe the practices of local police forces.

Garland announced the Justice Department launched a “pattern or practice” investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to move funds from the $179 million policing budget towards violence prevention and other programs including mental health.

The new budget will not decrease the police force staff, but it is a move to give the people of Minneapolis what they asked for.

Minneapolis City Council’s approved a compromise, even when Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey threatened to veto their proposal if the council continued with its plan to cap police staffing.

“Tonight the City Council passed a budget that represents a compromise, and also a big step forward into a more compassionate and effective public safety future,” said City Council member Steve Fletcher, co-author of the proposal to minimize police staffing.

$8 million from $179 million is a beginning for change that, hopefully the people of Minneapolis will find promise in.

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