Broward County To Honor Juneteenth

Broward’s county services will be on hold on June 19 each year as the county plans to make Juneteenth a paid holiday for county workers.

It’s a gesture that help “heal these deep wounds that still exist in our society,” Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness said.

County Administrator Bertha Henry, says the total cost of salaries for county employees for the one-day paid holiday is $1.3 million and about $130,000 for overtime.

Holness also has pushed for the county’s passing of making hairstyles a protected trait of race, and a police review board will be assembled and also a racial equity task force.

Tamarac and Miami-Dade County added Juneteenth to its list of paid holidays, as Broward County’s attorney will draft a resolution for a future vote making Juneteenth a holiday.

Photos by Getty Images

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