Bam Adebayo Gives His Momma The Ultimate Gift

Bam Adebayo gave his mom the birthday present of a lifetime!

Adebayo bought his mom, Marilyn Blount, a house a couple of weeks after signing a five-year max extension that could earn him close to $200 million.

"My mom never had nothing that she could call her own," Adebayo said. "So growing up and being able to do something different with basketball and be a special player, that was something that I've always had in my mind, I've always wanted to do. And just having the opportunity to do it for my mom is an incredible experience."

Adebayo posted pictures of the celebration.

"I was so nervous," Adebayo said. "Because I never really gave her a gift like that. So it kind of gave me like a feel like when I first stepped on the Finals court. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know anything at the moment. It was like one of those 'aw' moments where you just sit there for a minute. And she enjoyed it."

Photos by Getty Images

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