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Students Are Failing In The Time Of Covid

Students are failing at their schoolwork as they learn at home.

Students getting F’s has more than doubled, with more skipping school and performing poorly on assessments.

“We’re in a crisis,” said Rosalind Osgood, chairwoman of the Broward School

Board. “Parents have to connect kids to school. It’s not optional. If our kids are

going to make it in this extremely difficult time, students must log on or come to

school face to face. Students must be engaged in learning.”

South Florida districts have reviewed to get a glimpse into how severe the “COVID slide” is, as schools were closed for months and most students are still learning at home.

Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed parents to return their kids to school, and has directed schools to enroll struggling students into classes on campus.

Districts have battled increased absenteeism, as teachers are instructing students who are both in their class and at home. To help combat that, Broward started requiring all students to turn their cameras on, but it’s meeting resistance from some students and parents who say it’s an invasion of privacy.

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