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Drinks That Can Extend Your Life

There is no fountain of youth by there have been drinks that many have tried to use to extend life.

Obviously not soda or beer, but there are plenty of other drinks with science-backed health benefits.

1 Water

Your body is about 60% water, and water aids in digestion, carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder, protecting organs and tissues, and maintaining electrolyte balance.

Coffee could extend your lifespan. Half a million British adults, found that the coffee drinkers were less likely to die from a range of diseases. Adding a ton of cream and sugar negates those health benefits.

Green tea supports immunity and protects your heart health by reducing cholesterol. Green tea drinkers live longer, due to a reduced risk of death in those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Red wine benefits helps to slow cellular aging and improve vascular health, the keyword here is moderation. Limit your consumption to no more than one 4-oz glass of wine a day if you're a woman, or two glasses if you're a man.

Cranberry juice can help "significantly" improve blood pressure, and drinking low-calorie cranberry juice can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Green juice is packed with fiber to help eliminate water, gives you a small amount of carbs for energy, because it's full of vitamins and minerals.

Karela juice may have cancer-fighting properties and can increase your HDL cholesterol while decreasing LDL cholesterol, thus promoting heart health.

Mushroom tea is effective at protecting your cells from free radicals, which can cause damage that contributes to aging. Reishi mushrooms in particular may help prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Tomato juice can help to fight inflammation due to their lycopene content, which has also been shown to lower LDL or "bad" cholesterol.

Pomegranate juice can protect your body from everyday toxins and oxidative stress. Drinking 50 milliliters of pomegranate juice a day cut cholesterol and reduced damage to arteries in people with narrowed arteries.

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