Trump's Presidency's Causes More Than Just Economic Damage

The splits within families and friends over Trump's presidency will be difficult to repair, even after he leaves office.

Voters don't see wrecked personal relationships caused by Trump's tenure to fully heal, and most believed them destroyed forever.

Many of his backers admire his moves to overhaul immigration, appointment of conservative judges, harsh rhetoric, and what they call straight talk.

Democrats and other critics see him as a threat to democracy, a serial liar and a racist who mismanaged the pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 people, which he dismisses as "fake news."

Now, people are asking whether the fractures could be healed if Trump loses.

80% of Trump and Biden supporters said they had few or no friends who supported the other candidate. 89% of Republicans approve Trump's performance, but only 7% of Democrats thought he was doing a good job.

Photos by Getty Images

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