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President Biden Arrives In Florida

Photo: Getty Images North America

Photo: AFP

A week after the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building, President Joe Biden visited South Florida, consoled Surfside families, thanked first responders and pledged financial assistance to the rescue and cleanup efforts.

“I think I have the power — and we’ll know shortly — to be able to pick up 100 percent of the cost for the county and the state for 30 days,” Biden said. “I think I’m quite sure I can do that.”

Biden praised the bipartisan collaboration over the past week. “We live in a nation where we can cooperate,” he said. “It’s really important.”

Biden met with a group of about 50 uniformed first responders.

“What you’re doing now is just hard as hell to deal with, even psychologically, to deal with,” he told them. “And I just wanted to say thank you. Until we need you, no one fully appreciates what you do. But I promise you — we know. We know. What you’re doing here is incredible, having to deal with the uncertainty, and worrying about the families.”

Biden met with families impacted by the condo collapse.

The meetings were closed to the press.

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