Felons Are Using Their Votes In 2020

In Miami, dozens of voting rights activists and marchers filed in and flashed the number four, symbolizing Florida's Amendment 4, which restored the right to vote for former inmates in the state.

Prior to Amendment 4, former felons meant not being able to cast a ballot, but the door was opened in 2018 when the state passed Amendment 4 to the state constitution during the midterm elections.

Amendment 4 was approved with over 65% of the vote and automatically restored the right to vote to approximately 1.4 million former felons in Florida.

It marked a blow to the expansion of voting rights which re-enfranchised 1.4 million former felons key to a Democratic victory in the crucial swing state this November.

Michael Bloomberg put his money into the mix, raising $16 million to help pay the fines and fees of those former felons wishing to register, since only about 45,000 have registered to vote since the passage of Amendment 4 in 2018.

Photos by Getty Images

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