Woman Killed & Prankster That Killed Her Both Dead At The Scene

Two people died in an "absolute senseless act."

Las Vegas Police reported that the driver and passenger of a minivan tried to assault pedestrians, fled the scene and have not been identified. The driver pulled up to the sidewalk, while the passenger hung out the window and tried to shove a couple that was walking. The passenger missed, so the driver approached a woman on her bicycle and the passenger shoved her off her bike. She hit the ground and the passenger in the minivan fell out of the window and rolled across the asphalt before striking his head on a street light. both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Lt. Raymond Spencer said during a press conference. "You have a woman who was out riding her bicycle, and they pull up next to her and strike her, causing her to die. It's an absolute senseless act. There's no reason that I could tell you as to why it occurred other than complete stupidity."

Authorities are still searching for the driver of the vehicle.

Photos by Getty Images

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