President Biden Clarifies The New CDC Mask Guidelines

President Joe Biden announced the CD updated guidelines for wearing masks outdoors.

South Florida, has loosened outdoor COVID restrictions and mask-wearing requirements, but updated CDC guidance.

The CDC gave separate recommendations on outdoor mask wearing for fully vaccinated people and those who have not received a coronavirus vaccine.

“We now know your risk of infection outside is really minimal,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser. “If you are vaccinated and outside, it’s even less of a risk, and we can make policies based on that.”

New research shows COVID-19 is much less transmissible outdoors than indoors. With 50% of its residents vaccinated, Broward County has relaxed its outdoor COVID restrictions allowing people to go without masks at outdoor gatherings, golf courses, community pools, and poolside bars.

“We are following the science,” said Broward County Mayor Steve Geller. “The only time you need to wear a mask in Broward County is if you are in line in a very crowded area, like at a bar.”

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