Jobless Claims At The Lowest Level Since March

787,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits which is the lowest weekly count since March.

Stimulus talks between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continue to stall. The last round of fiscal aid, expired at the end of July.

“I’m optimistic that there will be a bill. It’s a question of, is it in time to pay the November rent, which is my goal, or is it going to be shortly thereafter and retroactive?” Pelosi said.

Thursday's lower jobless claims reflects the fact that some longer-term unemployed workers have now lost eligibility for the 26-week program and many people who were temporarily laid off now find they will not be rehired at all.

There are two weeks left until the presidential election and the joblessness remains the top priority for the two candidates, as more jobs are disappearing permanently.

Photos by Getty Images

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