Do's & Don't About Photos At The Ballot Box

Here some things that you can and can’t do as you cast your ballot in South Florida:

Voters can take a picture of their own ballot under Florida law, including at the voting booth, and a ballot selfie. Just make sure you don’t get any other person or ballot in the photo.

The photo can be taken only at the voting booth, you can’t take the shot in front of the ballot counting machines and can’t take a photo of you and anyone else inside the polling room.

Florida’s law doesn’t specify if it’s legal to post a picture of your personal ballot online, so you might also see more pictures of people posing near the vote-by-mail drop boxes.

You cannot take pictures of another person’s ballot or take a picture with someone else inside the polling room. It’s illegal under Florida law. If people break the rules, they will be reprimanded.

Photos by Getty Images

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