Offset Takes Pride In Ability To Vote

Offset has collaborated with “When We All Vote” and “Push Black.”

After his first felony conviction at the age of 17, he thought was no longer able to legally vote but found he was wrong.

“It just made me feel like I wasn’t wanted or supposed to be involved. To me, it was an accomplishment. Like ‘Damn, I graduated high school,” ‘Offset noted.

He was inspired to get involved and use his platform to speak on the importance of voting.

“It still could be 10 times better, but you’ve gotta vote. That’s what changes the rules, change the laws. I really felt good voting, because I was told I couldn’t, or I was told I wouldn’t be able to clean up or get away from my past, and look where I’m at now,” he concluded. “I voted and I was able to be a part of where I live which is at home here in America. My voice matters.”

Photos by Getty Images

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