Nuke Bizzle Arrested On Covid Unemployment Benefits Scam

Nuke Bizzle, was arrested for fraudulently obtaining unemployment insurance benefits under the CARES Act.

According to a complaint, the US DOL-OIG, United States Postal Inspection Service, United States Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigations, and the California Employment Development Department investigated the claims, that Baines engaged in a scheme to fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance benefits in the names of third-party claimants.

Those included identity theft victims which included at least 92 debit cards that had been pre-loaded with more than $1.2 million in fraudulently obtained benefits.

Baines and his co-schemers obtained Electronic Benefit Payment debit cards administered by Bank of America by listing on the applications addresses to which they have access.

In the video EDD , Bizzle and another rapper bragged about doing “my swagger for EDD.” They also hold up a stack of envelopes from EDD, and rap that they are getting rich by “go to the bank with a stack of these.” The video also depicts the pair going to check the mail several times and coming away with envelopes that appear to be marked EDD as they rap the lyric, “You got to sell cocaine, I can just file a claim.”

Bizzle was arrested on counts of fraud and related activity in connection with access devices, aggravated identity theft, and interstate transportation of stolen property. If convicted of all Bizzle would face a statutory maximum sentence of 22 years in federal prison.

Photos by Getty Images

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