Boy Finds Stolen Lemur In His School's Playground

An endangered lemur was stolen in a burglary at the San Francisco Zoo, was spotted by five-year-old James Trinh hanging out at a playground in Daly City, which is about four miles from the zoo.

"He was hopping around the play structures, but ultimately while he was waiting to be picked up, was hiding in the plastic playhouses," Sarah Riggs, who works as a teacher at the school.

Animal control worked with the Daly City Police to capture Maki and hold him until workers from the zoo picked him up.

Ed Poole, chair of the San Francisco Zoological board, said that Maki appeared unharmed and believes that Maki will be fine once he is returned to his home in the zoo's Lipman Family Lemur Forest.

"We certainly absolutely hope for the best for Maki," he said.

Poole gave Trinh a lifetime membership to the zoo for his help locating Maki.

Photo: Getty Images

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