One United Bank Has 100,000 Customers

The largest Black bank in the U.S. has proudly announced it has 100,000 customers.

Killer Mike, urged Black Americans to put their money in a Black-owned bank, which spawned the #BankBlack movement.

“Our customer base continues to grow rapidly, and we have expanded access and now have over 100,000 locations to better meet their needs. Importantly, we’re on our way to fulfilling Black America’s long-held dream of organizing our spending power to create social and economic equality in our society,” Teri Williams, president & COO of OneUnited Bank said in a statement.

OneUnited expanded Its banking services to more than 100,000 locations. The bank also introduced its “Cash to Your Card” service, which gives OneUnited customers access to an additional 90,000 ATMs and bank branches.

Biogen, the Boston-based global technology company deposited $10 million into the bank.

“For Biogen, this deposit is one of many ways we are delivering on our enhanced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. But for OneUnited’s customers, this deposit could mean allowing them to pursue their dreams or strengthening underrepresented minority businesses,” Chirfi Guindo, executive vice president of Global Product Strategy & Commercialization at Biogen said.

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