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Type 2 Diabetic Shares 5 Steps To Better Health

In Brooklyn, Eric Adams, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, months later his life had changed for the better. How?

Five steps, to be exact:

1. Clean up your diet. Check up on your labels; whole food options with minimal ingredients are key.

2. Consider eating plant-based. Not to say you can't enjoy animal products at all, just consider it a case for making plants the star of your plate.

3. Exercise when you can—whenever you can. "Exercise doesn't only mean you have a gym membership," he says. "Get off one stop before your subway stop to get in some additional walking; have a standing desk in your office or a stationary bike; walk to and from businesses; do walking meetings. It's about being creative." Do your best to fit in some extra exercise throughout the day.

4. Meal prep. Prioritize healthy choices.

5. Give the gift of giving. Give to others; not only does it help people, but it also helps reap emotional and physical benefits.

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