Florida Leads In New U.S. Variant Of Coronavirus

The CDC says Florida has half of the known cases in the U. S. of a mutated and likely more contagious strain of the coronavirus, as Florida broke its single-day record of coronavirus cases, adding nearly 20,000 infected.

The CDC says Florida now has 22 cases of the mutated virus. California has 26 cases, Colorado has 2 and New York and Georgia have each reported 1 case of the new variant.

Miami-Dade County accounted for 3,373 of the new cases.

The World Health Organization says scientists there is belief that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still effective.

“Based on that, we are pretty confident that the vaccines currently, with the current new variant from the UK, will still be very effective,” said Dr. Aileen Marty. “We have to do studies with the people who have had the vaccines to be 100% certain about that, but it looks very, very good since we already know that these vaccines are producing a better quality immunity than even that from having had the virus.”

Photos by Getty Images

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