Democrats Have A Few Routes To Take The Senate

There is a very clear road map for how, Democrats hope to retake the Senate majority.

If Joe Biden wins, Democrats need to net three GOP seats to ensure majority status. If Biden loses, Democrats need four seats.

Democratic Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama, Arizona and Colorado, Sens. Martha McSally and Cory Gardner, former state Sen. Cal Cunningham and In Maine, former state House Speaker Sara Gideon.

If Democrats win those four seats -- and Biden wins the White House -- they have the majority. If Biden loses (and Jones loses), then Democrats need to net five Republican seats.

However, there are options in Iowa, Georgia and Montana, and longer-but-not-long-shot races against Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Loeffler (R-Georgia), as well as the open seat contest in Kansas.

Democrats have 10 GOP-held seats where they can make a reasonable case they could win. And if they win half of those, they've got the majority no matter what happens between Trump and Biden.

Photos by Getty Images

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