R. Kelly Can't Get Out Of Jail

R. Kelly has been trying to get out of jail for months and now a JUDGE has shut him down.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that Kelly being assaulted by an inmate did not warrant his release.

“While this incident is concerning, it does not warrant immediate release. This single isolated incident does not suggest that the Bureau of Prisons is incapable of safely housing Mr. Kelly,” Leinenweber ruled. “Mr. Kelly will go to trial as soon as it is safe and practicable. Until then, he will remain in detention.”

Jeremiah Shane Farmer, a convicted member of the Latin Kings, identified himself as Kelly’s attacker. He faces a mandatory life sentence for racketeering conspiracy involving a 1999 double murder.

Kelly’s lawyers wanted to question Farmer under oath about the attack as part of their ongoing efforts to have Kelly released on bond pending trial on sexual abuse-related charges..

Photos by Getty Images

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