CyHi The Prince May Have Ghost Written Sicko Mode

Travis Scott’s Drake-assisted “Sicko Mode” single is his biggest record as an artist. With Grammy nominations for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, the song was Scott’s first entry atop the Billboard 100 and went 7x-platinum.

Twitter stumbled upon CyHi The Prynce’s name amongst the list of songwriters and contributors for the hit record and it went straight to the top of Twitter’s trending topics.

“Once you put out a rap album and you’re getting 50, 60, 100 grand a show and you’re this household name, the only next level to go is to compete with Adele and Sam Smith and whatever gospel choir or alternative rock group is up for Album of the Year,” CyHi explained. “Those guys aren’t in there by theyself. It’s 30, 40 people–you got trumpet players, lyricists, writers. We’re starting to treat rap like that, like it has to be that important. But [knowing] what minds to put into the room is what makes you a great producer. Instead of just having your homeboys from the crib that’s just in there smoking weed, chilling, playing video games, you’d rather put up a flight for a guy like me, that’s going to make sure the shit sounds dope.”

Twitter users began to ghostwriting allegations for “Coffee Bean,” and Drake producer Nineteen85 entered the chat to clarify.

“Lies,” the Canadian artist stated on Twitter. “He wrote Coffee Bean as soon as I played the beat. Wrote it in front of me.”

Neither Travis nor CyHi have responded to the ghostwriting claims.

Photos by Getty Images

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