Lauryn Hill Defends Selah's IG Rant

Selah Marley, Lauryn Hill’s daughter with Rohan Marley, released an Instagram video detailing the trauma she endured growing up

Hill defended her daughter’s right to process her childhood experience in whatever way she sees fit.

“Uhhhh black people, what???” she began. “Selah has every right to express herself, I encourage it, but she also got the discipline that black children get because we are held to a different standard. The discipline was seen through the lens of a young child who also had no place to reconcile me as mom, and me as a larger than life public figure. It took me a while to realize that my children, and probably everyone who knew me saw me in this duality. To me, I am just me. If I am guilty of anything it is disciplining in anger, not in disciplining."

Hill spoke on what it was like enduring fame and how she felt sheltering her children and keeping them quiet was a better alternative to having them thrust in the limelight.

“I discussed with Selah what it must have been like having a child while being hunted by nazis, or what it was like for the children of runaway slaves,” she continued. “The child just being a child puts her and everyone else’s lives in jeopardy. Keeping the child quiet to escape the danger is ALSO saving the child’s life! Imagine that. When I realized that the pressure on me was so incredibly hypocritical and unfair, criminal even, that even my children weren’t allowed to be children, I stepped away. I wasn’t removed, I STEPPED AWAY."

In Selah’s Instagram Live, the 21-year-old talked about life with her “very angry” mom who disciplined her by whipping her with belts, calling it “some slave owner shit.” She also spoke of her father Rohan as being a largely absent dad, which prompted a public apology from him.

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