AMC Is Slowly Opening Back Up

AMC Theatres will have 98% of its U.S. movie theaters open on Friday and more theaters are expected to open by March 26.

More than 40 of its locations in California are reopening as the company is preparing to resume operations once approvals are in place, after opening more than 500 of its theaters around the country. The announcement to open nearly all of its U.S. theaters by month's end means the company has hopefully put the worst behind it.

AMC stayed the course, slowly opening theaters in states over the past several months when it was allowed to and renting out theaters for private movie screenings to a limited number of people.

Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. rose more than 3% to date the stock is up over 500%.

More theaters opening will mean more jobs for people to go to and last week California announced that Disneyland will be able to open next month and new public health rules would allow live concerts at stadiums and sports arenas to reopen with limited attendance April 1.

Photos by Getty Images