Teachers Will Have To Come Back To Schools

1,700 South Florida teachers have been ordered to return to their campuses when the spring semester begins.

Teachers say they are living in fear as Broward County school administrators each say it is the other's responsibility to approve future remote work. The district wants to eliminate “overflow rooms," where students sit in large areas and take online classes from a remotely working teacher.

In Palm Beach County, 818 teachers are working remotely, while Miami-Dade County has around 800 teachers working from home.

All Broward County teachers worked remotely until October when schools reopened.

The district sent a letter to remotely working teachers that said their principal or supervisor would let them know if they could keep working at home, followed by a statement from Chief Communications Officer Kathy Koch said principals decide whether to extend the accommodations, “based on the operational needs at each individual school.”

Photos by Getty Images

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