President Trump Openly Delays Mail

Americans are concerned, with the President being a foe of the USPS.

Trump met with U.S Postmaster General Louis DeJoy who made the decision to eliminate overtime for postal workers.The Postal Service also recently removed mail sorting machines, which has sparked outrage over the goal to make mail delivery slow and in some cases impossible, 'cause of delays.

The operating theory is that mail-in ballots help Democrats and Trump will stop at nothing to blunt it in the middle of a pandemic where people want to vote by mail because they fear for their safety.

The USPS began mailbox removal in NYC, Portland and Eugene, OR which was passed off as necessary because of declining mail volume and duplicate boxes in the area.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed it will lead to a "fraudulent" election result. So, the new postmaster general enacted guidelines that critics say will lead to delays in mail delivery and could be interpreted as an effort to undermine the viability of mail-in ballots.

"This is going to look political to many people," said Lawrence Norden, director of the Brennan Center's Election Reform Program, "because the postmaster general is a big donor and the president has been railing against mail voting."

U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, put in place a range of operational and procedural changes at the postal service meant to cut costs of retrieving and delivering mail.

"The Postal Service is in a financially unsustainable position, stemming from substantial declines in mail volume, and a broken business model," DeJoy said. "Given our current situation, it is critical that the Postal Service take a fresh look at our operations and make necessary adjustments."

The new protocols, include limitations on overtime hours for mail carriers, limiting trips when a mail truck is not full and stricter start and end times for shifts.

Americans than ever are expected to skip the lines and opt to vote absentee this fall and the postal service will play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth process.

"The impact on election mail under this guidance could be severe, and unless addressed, may cause an increased number of ballots rejected for being late at various points in the Pipeline," wrote Patrick, the senior advisor to Democracy Fund Voice.

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