Florida Is A Danger For Summer Travelers

When it comes to summer travel, epidemiologists would avoid Florida and Texas, which are COVID-19 hot spots.

Hitting up bars ranks up there with spending time in jail and churches, theaters and indoor restaurants aren’t far behind on the list of things to avoid. Attending an outdoor gathering with proper social distancing is far safer.

There is a 10-point danger scale estimating risk of infection by venue. Museums, public bathrooms, stores, offices and an Uber with the windows down each averaged a score of about 5, or middle of the road.

Jails/prisons: 8.85

Bars: 8.85

Nursing homes: 8.73

Indoor theater/church: 8.15

Gyms: 7.5

Outdoor gatherings, not socially distanced: 7.38

Airplanes: 6.65

Hospitals: 6.24

Schools: 5.64

Public transit with social distancing: 5.54

Salons: 5.35

Taxis/Uber with the windows down: 5.27

Offices: 5.27

Stores: 5

Public bathrooms: 4.85

Museums: 4.81

Restaurants with outdoor seating: 4.62

Hotels: 4.42

Outside gatherings with social distancing: 3.73

When it comes to summer vacations, epidemiologists would avoid Florida, Texas, Arizona and Georgia.

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