Schools In Jamaica Banning Dreadlocks?!

Jamaica’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of banning students that have dreadlocks.

Leadership at Kensington Primary School informed a 5-year-old girl that she must cut her dreadlocks in order to attend class. They said that it was for “hygiene” purposes.

Sherine Virgo, the girl’s mother will be filing an appeal. “I will not be cutting my daughter’s hair,” Virgo said. “If they give me that ultimatum again, I will be moving her.”

The girl’s lawyer Isat Buchanan added that dreadlocks are a form of self-expression.

“I am more than surprised. It is most unfortunate,” the attorney explained. “It is a most unfortunate day for Black people and for Rastafarian people in Jamaica.”

The girl’s father Dale Virgo explained that the court’s ruling is a form of systematic racism, pointing out that the decision comes amid the social uprisings in America.

“A child was refused because of her Black hair, you know?” said Dale. “It’s so weird that right now in the current climate of the world, in 2020, we are having protests, and Black people are fed up. This is an opportunity the Jamaican government and the legal system had to right these wrongs and lead the world and make a change. But they have decided to keep the same system.”

Photos by Getty Images

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