Milano Harris Is Sending Meek Mill A Messsage

Milan Harris is focused on getting her pre-pregnancy body back. She's been spending time in the gym and knows that Meek Mill is going to miss her once she's got everything back in check.

"Don’t cry over breakups, do squats and make em wish he still had that ass," she said as her caption. She's not in a rush to get back in shape but, the way things are looking, she'll be back at her best in less than nine months.

"I’m so excited I got on the scale today and it read 178.4," said Milano. "This is my 10th day working out and I feel great. I’m not pressuring myself to get back either. I’m just enjoying the process, I carried a beautiful human for 9 months so im giving myself 9 months to get back but the way it’s looking I may get back way sooner."

So far, she has lost over twenty pounds.

Photos by Getty Images

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