Florida Gym Owner Arrested For Violating Covid Rules

A South Florida gym owner was released from jail after he was arrested for allowing his gym members to choose whether they wear a face mask during workouts.

“Right now, I’m trusting that everything’s happening for a reason,” Michael Carnevale said. “I was there for maybe six or seven hours. My wife posted bond for me.”

Police officers showed up to Carnevale’s business, after someone reported that the 24-hour gym was violating Broward County’s order requiring masks. Carnevale was ordered to shut it down, but he refused. Carnevale said he believes the orders to wear face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic are intrusive.

“If this whole thing is really about health, this is where we are getting into some murky waters here because I don’t see how I can make my patrons wear a mask while on a treadmill, or while they are exercising,” Carnevale said.

Although public health officials say there is evidence face coverings help stop the spread of COVID-19, Carnevale isn’t buying that.

“We’ve lost perspective, we’ve lost common sense,” he said.

Gym members showed up the facility to find it closed.

Photos by Getty Images

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