91 Black Entrepreneurs Came Together & Generated $49 Mill In Sales

TSP, a Facebook group of almost 14,000 African American entrepreneurs, announced that 91 of the Black business owners have worked together to collectively generate $49 million in sales within just one year. Led by Lamar Tyler, TSP are owners of everything from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce brands to service and product-based businesses.

TSP was able to generate most of that AFTER the COVID-19 pandemic began. Tyler has been instrumental in providing systems and strategies that help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow, scale, and generate profits.

“Black businesses are growing even in the midst of crisis,” he says. “Especially, those that are positioned to leverage digital marketing and sales strategies. Black businesses need a safe space where they can lean in for support around the three keys to growth that we’ve discovered over the years. They are mindset, strategy, and execution. Without all three, it’s impossible to grow and reach your goals.”

His tribe’s top-performing businesses include AfricanAncestry.com, CurlMix, Izzy and Liv, Freres Branchiaux, Confidence By Gabby Goodwin, CurlKit, Urban Intellectuals, Naturalicious, Bamblu, the Nikki Klugh Design Group, and many others.

“Our companies have thrived in spite of the challenges that we, historically, see with Black businesses,” shares Tyler. “The success of our mastermind program reveals what can happen when Black business owners get the encouragement, support, and tools they need to grow. When we come together with a focus on growth and scaling, nothing can stop us.”

To become a part of the movement, join their Facebook group or sign up for free at TrafficSalesandProfit.com

Photos by Getty Images

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