Second Stimulus Check Proposal Revealed: Who'll Get It And How Much?

On Thursday, the Senate Republicans were set to unveil their proposal for the next stimulus package, but the White House asked for more time to review the plan. It has been revealed what the second round of stimulus checks would look like.

So how would it look? Well just like the first round, Americans who qualify would receive a check of $1,200 plus $500 extra for dependent kids under 17 years old. Anyone that makes less than $75,000 will get the full benefit, and those who make more will get $1,200 minus 5% of the amount they earn over $75K. People who file jointly and earn less than $150,000 get the full benefit. People that make more will see their check reduced by 5% of the amount over $150K they earn.

There's no word if Republicans and Democrats will agree on it but the discussion is taking place. The Republicans will officially announce their proposal on Monday, 7/27 and then the Senate will discuss the terms of it. If things are finalized and an agreement is made, the checks will be dispersed about 13 business days after the package passes.

Photo: Getty Images

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