Protests Over UM Reopening

University of Miami faculty members, janitorial staff, and students are protesting the university's reopening plan. They say people most at risk were not properly consulted.

Administrators are giving students two options for classes:

They can either take their courses online and learn from home, or they can come to campus and go to class in person some days and learning online on others. That same choice was not afforded to the faculty, according.

"Lots of decisions are being made without meaningful input from faculty," Scot Evans, an associate professor at UM says. "We don't have a problem with students having the choice — it's how that decision was made that's the issue. We would've been able to better construct what that means for the teaching environment."

Because many universities are suffering from a drop in revenue schools might be pushing to resume in-person learning so it can charge full tuition and stay afloat. Some professors are anxious about returning to the physical classroom.

"There are a lot of members in our chapter and in the faculty senate that would've advocated more strongly for fully online," Evans says.

Professors will be expected to teach students who show up in person as well as those who are listening online. There has even been talk about installing Plexiglas at the front of classroom.

Evans and over 500 other faculty members have signed a petition asking that professors have the right to choose between in-person and remote teaching.

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