Braxton Family Puzzled By Tamar's Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton's family is alarmed by his influence over her emotions.

David Adefeso, had seen the pilot episode and promo for her new reality show, 'Get Ya Life!' ... and HE was very unhappy.

David got angry about the show and how he was portrayed in it, and his reaction made Tamar upset.

When David called 911, he explained Tamar had issues with WeTV that came to a head leading up to him finding her unresponsive.

Tamar's relatives believe it's David who really had issues with the show.

Tamar's family have noticed her mood swings tend to align with how David's feeling and that he's very involved in her business decisions. David's portrayal in the pilot comes off as demanding and controlling. During one scene, Tamar and David are arguing behind a locked door and Tamar yells, "David, stop!" before producers barge into the room.

Photos by Getty Images

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