Black Owned Businesses Are At A New High

Support for Black-owned businesses is at an all time high.

Search activity for Black-owned businesses increased by 7,043%. Yelp users searched for Black-owned businesses over 2.5 million times between May 25 to July 10.

Justin Norman, Yelp's vice president of data science, says that Yelp has never seen such a significant increase in support for Black-owned businesses.

"In general, most of the spikes we see are tied to holidays and events," Norman said. "We haven't seen a previous movement-based spike to date and we're thrilled and inspired by the continued support and increase in searches for Black-owned businesses."

Black-owned businesses have been some of the hardest-hit by the pandemic. However, the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked an interest in supporting Black business owners.

"We do expect to see continued elevated interest in Black-owned businesses," Norman said. "There has been sustained interest in Black-owned businesses since the initial peak at the end of May and beginning of June, and this interest is diversifying past the initial generic searches for Black-owned businesses and restaurants into a wider range of business types. To me, this signals a shift in consumer behavior and habit that I expect will continue."

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