Andrew Gillum Speaks Out On His Rehab

In a social media post, Andrew Gillum spoke about his struggle with alcoholism and gave an update on his health. Gillum said he would be entering a rehabilitation facility after having fallen into a depressive episode.

A Democrat, Gillum lost his bid for governor. In an Instagram video, he said he had been "suffering in silence" throughout his campaign, and had now turned to therapy to try and work through his problems.

“With a lot of encouragement from family and the people who love and care about me, I also got into therapy, where I could start to talk through what was going on with me," Gillum said. "I knew if I had not dealt first with issues and addiction and the numbing that I chose with alcohol, there was no way I could start to pull back the layers and talk about what was truly happening underneath."

Photos by Getty Images

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