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Florida's Covid Rise May Bring Another Shutdown

Florida is now up to 327,241 confirmed covid cases with 4,805 resident deaths.

Broward County’s vice mayor said people’s ignorance about the virus and insistence on not following the rules is nearing a point where they may have to close businesses again.

“We are running out of [hospital] bed space because all of these stupid people who insist it’s nothing worst than the flu are wrong. The flu doesn’t fill our intensive-care units,” Steve Geller said. “I’m angry because I am trying to prevent shutting down the businesses, which would be devastating. If we shut down the business community again, a lot of those businesses will never reopen.”

Miami-Dade are fining people $100 if they’re seen in public not wearing a face covering and stay-at-home orders could be brought back if people don’t comply with the existing safety mandates.

Miami-Dade County’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 2,442 to 77,867. The county has 1,270 coronavirus-related deaths.

Broward’s increased by 1,347 to 36,913. The county’s death toll is now at 477.

Palm Beach County’s increased by 650 to 24,361, with the death toll now at 659.

Monroe County is now at 768 cases, a one-day increase of 53, and six deaths.

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