Fans Angry At Travis Scott For Flaking On T-Pain

Travis Scott is receiving backlash over his treatment of legendary rapper T-Pain

T-Pain went on Instagram live and described a situation in which Scott agreed to record some songs but ended up standing him up several times without contact.

The two agreed to meet at the studio, however Travis didn’t show up. T-Pain gave Scott the benefit of the doubt.

“obviously the guy hasn’t had enough sleep, so it’s the 14th, the first day, no big deal,” he admitted. “The 15th comes, he didn’t show up. Now, mind you, this was after he had me order these new speakers that I have to pay $500 for daily!”. T-Pain was left shocked when Scott never came.

“Nothing, not one thing. With me! Nothing from Travis Scott’s team. But Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, everything fully active whole time. Didn’t skip a goddamn beat. I seen that he was on Fortnite. Hit him up on private chat, nothing. That’s cool.”

Fans were outraged at how disrespectful Scott was to T-Pain and blasted him on Twitter.

Photos by Getty Images

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