Migos Sue Their Attorney for Malpractice And QC CEO Pee Thomas Responds

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The Migos have reportedly filed a lawsuit against their attorney Damien Granderson, claiming that he "cheated" the group out of millions of dollars. Granderson is also a longtime attorney for Quality Control Music and the group said he favored the label in many of the contractual negotiations. According to the complaint, Granderson abused his position of trust of The Migos from the moment he was retained as their lawyer and he allegedly cheated the group out of millions of dollars.

Among some of the other claims brought forth by Migos was Granderson allegedly "concealing" the exclusive distribution deal that Quality Control Music has with Capitol Records. According to the complaint, the deal would allow Capitol to distribute all albums that Quality Control Music produced and that Quality Control Music was actually profiting far more than what was apparent from the face of the documents that Granderson presented to Migos for immediate execution.

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas took to Instagram and offered some commentary on the situation. See the post below.

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