Couple In Boston Deface BLM Mural

Cardi B came under fire for using a racial slur in describing her sister Hennessy Carolina’s eyes.

Cardi took to Instagram to share a photo of her daughter, Kulture Kiari, that showed what the 2-year-old may look like as an adult. A fan pointed out that the the baby looked like a combination of Cardi’s husband, Offset, and Carolina.

In response Cardi wrote, “I think cause Hennessy got ch–ky eyes like offset and so KK.”

The comment immediately sparked outrage, prompting her to speak out.

“I didn’t know that ch–ky eyes was a slur like wtfff I DONT KNOW F–KIN EVERYTHING !!” she wrote. “We don’t even use that as a [sic] insult and I didn’t use it as a [sic] insult.”

She added that she was “sick of the internet.”

Photos by Getty Images

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