Allentown Police On Video With Knee On Black Man's Neck

An Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer put his knee on a man's neck while trying to restrain him. The clip has prompted protests and a demand to suspend the officers involved.

Allentown officers restrained a man on the ground outside the emergency room of a Hospital. The man did not appear to be resisting. Allentown Police said the interaction is being investigated and videos are being reviewed.

The department released its use of force policy five weeks after George Floyd's death.

Ben Crump, the attorney representing Floyd's family, wrote on Twitter, "@AllentownPolice held down this man's face to the pavement and then one of its officers placed their knee on his neck!! This happened yesterday and is exactly what led to #GeorgeFloyd's death. We need this officer's name and badge # NOW. #ICantBreathe"

The policy prohibits neck restraints and chokeholds. Officers were outside the hospital for an unrelated matter when they saw the man staggering in the street, vomiting and stopping in the driveway of the ER.

The man was treated at the hospital and released.

Photos by Getty Images

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