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L.A. Church Tells A Black Woman She Can't Sit On Their Lawn

St. Paul First Lutheran Church in L. A. is apologizing after volunteers posted a “no trespassing” sign in order to stop a Black woman from sitting on the lawn.

St. Paul First Lutheran Church reported that the men who posted the sign have also voluntarily stepped down from their positions.

The two men put a sign on a tree, claiming the area is “private property”.

Actress Alex Marshall-Brown videod the incident on her laptop and the footage has gone viral. A white woman also recorded Marshall-Brown, claiming that people sitting on the grass threaten children.

Santiago Botero, the acting principal at St. Paul’s school said the incident "could've and should've been handled more respectfully."

"We had to implement this in response to several incidents of vandalism the church and school experienced," Botero said. "While Alex was not complying with that policy, she was clearly not harming any person or property and it should've been more clearly and more respectively communicated to her.”

Marshall-Brown is an L.A. based actress and stuntwoman.

Photos by Getty Images

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