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Man Kills Neighbor & 11 Year Old Daughter Over His Dog

Police shot and killed a man who they say shot and killed an 11-year-old girl and her father over a dispute about a dog.

Port St. Lucie PD reported Ronald Delserro, 82, was “actively shooting” with two handguns, killing Alexander Hansman and Hansman’s daughter, Harper.

Authorities received a 911 call from Harper, stating a neighbor was shooting inside the home.

“If you heard this call come over the radio, it would make the hair on your neck stand,” St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said. “A little girl calls in saying that, you know, ‘There’s someone shooting in our house. I think my parents are dead. I think my family’s dead.’”

Police arrived and found Delserro on the second floor and exchanged gunshots. One officer was shot in the arm and chest, but was wearing a vest. The officer was hospitalized and released.

When SWAT arrived, Delserro was dead and his death is under investigation.

Four people inside the home managed to escape, but Hansman, was pronounced dead at the scene. Harper died while being taken to the hospital.

The shooting is still under investigation, but Assistant Police Chief Richard Del Toro said the incident appeared to stem from a dispute involving a dog.

On March 4, Animal Control went to Hansman’s and Delserro’s homes regarding a dog bite involving Delserro’s dog, a female bull mastiff named Roxy.

Delserro’s dog bit her and a hearing was set for May 5 but Delserro did not appear. Animal Control issued Delserro “final declaration paperwork indicating … Roxy would be deemed dangerous.”

Photos by Getty Images

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