Teens In Alabama Are Gambling On Covid-19

A number of Alabama teens will not take COVID-19 seriously.

Alabama teens are gambling on whoever gets diagnosed with the virus first. Teens in Tuscaloosa have been hosting COVID-19 parties.

"They put money in a pot and they try to get COVID. Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot. It makes no sense," City Councilor Sonya McKinstry said. "They're intentionally doing it."

City officials didn't reveal how many people, if any, were infected from these parties.

"We're trying to break up any parties that we know of," said McKinstry. "It's nonsense, but I think when you're dealing with the mind frame of people who are intentionally doing stuff like that and they're spreading it intentionally, how can you truly fight something that people are constantly trying to promote?"

Photos by Getty Images

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