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Students Petition The Resignation Of A School Board Member

Activists demanded the resignation of Broward County school board member Ann Murray after learning that, she had once referred to the upper-level section of then Sun Life Stadium as "[n-word] heaven."

She apologized but refused to step down and now, a recent social-media post from Murray has set off renewed calls for her removal.

Murray allegedly reposted a meme on Facebook that read,

"When I was born, they must have ran out of white privilege because I had to work my ass off to get where I am." Later removing the post she claimed it was the work of a hacker who hijacked her account

"If anyone has received anything [about] a post with a TAG in it, DELETE it ASAP. I apologize for anything posted, that was disrespectful," the 77-year-old wrote in a follow-up post. "Anyone who sees anything UNUSUAL, text me and ask."

The post and subsequent lack of apology sparked a backlash from students and teachers across Broward County. A group of students who collectively run the Instagram page @BLMWeston posted a petition demanding her resignation.

A group of nearly 20 students, have been using the @blmweston Instagram account since June to organize and share resources in support of the Black Lives Matter.

The students say they feel a responsibility to call her out and ask for her removal.

"If she has this prejudice already, she should step down early from her term and not finish it," says Joseph Mullen, an 18-year-old student and founder of the Young Delegates Coalition. "Unfortunately, we don't expect that to happen. But if she's given another two years to keep making decisions and stunt the progress in our school system, there's not gonna be progress for Black students in our county."

Murray, who was first elected in 2008, represents District 1, which encompasses portions of Davie, Lauderhill, Plantation, Sunrise, Tamarac, and Weston. Her current term on the school board ends in 2022.

Photos by Getty Images

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