Government Looking To Aid Theaters In New Stimulus

The $900 billion COVID-related relief package will include $15 billion in funding that is to be used to help keep movie theaters and other live entertainment venues afloat.

The package will include another round of direct payments totaling $600 per adult. The second bill has yet to be voted on, though it's expected the House will take it up and pass it before it heads to the Senate.

The bill will also extend enhanced unemployment benefits for 11 weeks, include $25 billion for rent payment assistance, and will extend a temporary moratorium on evictions.

"We applaud the bipartisan agreement reached in the Senate today to provide relief to movie theaters their employees and so many other public-facing industries that have had to close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic," The National Association of Theater Owners said. "With this agreement, movie theaters can look forward with confidence to re-opening and once again serving their communities when this crisis has passed. With this aid, movie theaters can get through this crisis confident in being able to re-open, knowing their vital, trained workforce is able to weather this pandemic and have jobs waiting for them when it is safe to reopen. We are grateful for the work of Congress and the Administration and those, in and out of the entertainment industry who have supported our efforts on behalf of this industry that is so central to our culture and civic life. We look forward to its quick passage in the House and signature by the President."

Photos by Getty Images

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