Lizzo Announces Her Juneteenth Auction In The Nude

Lizzo announced a Juneteenth raffle and silent auction using floor-length locks to cover her body parts for her worthy cause.

In celebration of Juneteenth Lizzo is holding a silent auction and raffle. The proceeds will go towards Black-owned businesses and organizations. The singer made the announcement on Instagram.

"Happy Juneteenth, y’all," she begins. "This year, we’re doing Juneteenth in a major way. Not only are we celebrating a Black American holiday, but I’m holding a silent auction and a raffle, so we can give back to Black organizations and businesses specifically in the Twin Cities."

"So go to to sign up to have an interactive experience with me whether virtual or on the road, depending on the future of COVID, and also participate in a silent auction with some of my favorite people and artists," she explains. The clip then dramatically cuts to a different, close-up shot of Lizzo, at which point she continues her message by instructing her followers once again to visit her website in order to “celebrate Juneteenth by giving back to Black."

Photos by Getty Images

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