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Kentucky Artists Covering Racist & Gang Tattoos

A tattoo parlor in Kentucky is offering free appointments to anyone who wants to cover up their hate or gang symbol tattoos.

Tattoo artists Jeremiah Swift and Ryun King at the Gallery X Art Collective said they'll offer this service as a way to take a stance in the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Having anything hate related is completely unacceptable. A lot of people when they were younger just didn't know any better and were left with mistakes on their bodies. We just want to make sure everybody has a chance to change."

The shop has already received over 30 requests which continue to pour in, according to Swift.

"One of the people we got was a man with both of his forearms completely covered in hate symbols, absolutely everywhere. How is this man going to interact with society with the mistakes he made 10, 15, 20 years ago?" King said.

"We also got a guy with a giant swastika who said he has never taken his shirt off in front of his kids. I like seeing that. I like seeing people want to change themselves for the better. That swells me full of emotions."

The artists said they will cover up anyone's tattoos, even if they are from out of state, and offer numerous designs they can choose from.

A new tattoo, a new life

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