South Florida Beaches Are Now Open!

Miami-Dade and the City of Miami have opened their beaches.

As people head back to the beach, they will likely notice hundreds of special “Safe Distancing Ambassadors.”

A mix of 300 county and city employees, will be broken up into two shifts to make sure people are following the rules.

“Our number one priority, our number one enforcement mechanism is actually education. That’s what we’re telling all of our officers, that’s what we’re letting these beach ambassadors do. That’s why there’s so many. It’s not just Miami Beach ambassadors but we have folks from Miami-Dade County as well assisting. So we hope with just solid education, people will follow the rules,” said Miami Beach police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez.

Swimming and sunbathing are allowed, no groups of more than 10 people will be permitted. Facial coverings must be worn when social distancing is not possible, except for members of the same household. Due to this restriction, all beachgoers must have facial coverings available and ready to use at all times.

Facial coverings must be worn in restrooms and when at concession stands. Restrooms will have dedicated attendants stationed outside. Access to restrooms will be limited to maintain social distancing. The restrooms will be cleaned every two to three hours.

Group activities for two or more, like volleyball, football, or soccer are not be allowed.

Picnic pavilions and playgrounds are off-limits and there can be no special events, including group picnics.

No dogs or pets will be allowed on the beach except on designated dog-friendly beaches. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Photos by Getty Images

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